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Exo Terra Reptile Den XXL


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The Hiding Inside The terrariums are often underestimated elements in a natural terrarium. Reptiles and Amphibians can develop stress, that will negatively affect their appetite and activity so does not have a safe place to hide and sleep. With a realistic design rocky and an expanded volume to hide, the Exo Terra Natural Hiding Cave imitate hiding caves of reptiles and amphibians. The Exo Terra hiding caves caves, Aude are decorative elements that offer shelter, as well as a more fresh and more humid microclimate inside the terrarium.
Main Features of the Exo Terra hiding caves caves, Aude
Natural look, integrates in any type of terrarium
Provides a secure hiding
Prevents stress
Very stable, not easily is tipping by larger reptiles
Can be stacked one on top of the other to save more easily in the shop

Model Number: PT2934
Country of origin:- China
Package Dimensions : 32.0L x 30.0W x 14.0H (centimeters)


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