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Electronic Drum Pad Multicolor LED Digital Display Hand Roll-Up Drum Kit 9 Silicon Durm Pad Built-In Stereo Speaker Bluetooth, MIDI, for Kids Beginners – Uverbon


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Price: £75.99
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Product Description

drum kit
drum kit


Drum Sounds

Crash Cymbal
Open/Close Hi-Hat
Ride Cymbal
High Tom
Low Tom
Floor Drum
Snare Drum
Bass Drum

Power adapter not included. It needs an extra adapter for power supply.

Uverbon 9 Pad Digital Drum Kit

Bluetooth Wireless Electric Drums for Kids Beginner

It is ideal for use anywhere, as it is powered by recharegable battery. The output can either be via headphones or a speaker, meaning your child can either share their music with others or practice quietly, for more flexibility. There is an MP3 input, meaning a track can be played in the background for your child to drum along too. This is a great way to help them practice and improve – they can start with easy tracks then gradually build up to something more complex.

1 * Electronic Drum Set
2 * Wooden drum sticks
2 * Foot Pedals
1 * Type C-USB power cable
1 * 3.5mm Audio cable
1 * Instruction Manual


A great gift for any budding musician!

This electronic roll-up drum set is suitable for children / Teens / Adults /elder beginners and other amateur players to learn music beat and maker. Simple and clear button and drum pad design, simple operation. This portable drum set is the perfect gifts for birthday, holiday, Christmas and Halloween, a great gift for music lovers.

This makes it easy for a child to learn to play the drum, can be fun in the daily practice and start create their own rock music! You can also bring this portable drum set to the homes of your neighbors and friends, show them your practice results, and have fun with your friends!







Multi-Functional Electronic Drum

10 Demo songs
9 Drum Pads
7 Rhythms Options

Additional with Bluetooth function, Recording function and Colorful LED Lights effects. Recording function makes you better know your performance through listening to the recording, and then keep on improving your drum- playing skills.

Multifunctional Socket

USB/DC5V: Type C USB power supply connection
MIC: Connect with Microphone
MP3: MP3 player input connection (Control MP3 volume with the MP3 device)
HEADPHONE: Audio output connection port for use with personal headphone or speaker system
PEDAL: Connection port for dual-pedal interface of HI-HAT control and Bass Drum control

More Fun to Play Loud or Quiet

Your perfect Stress Relief Partner!

If you want to practice the drum set in an apartment but do not wanna to disturb your families or neighbors. Choose Pimpimsky roll up drum set.
After connect a headphone through the phone jack you can enjoy your own music world quietly. Not only you can make practicing quieter, but also make practicing more efficient, perfet for privite practice or late night playing.







Dual Built-in Stereo Speakers

Realistic sound quality & LED light.

Our Pimpimsky drum kits have built-in dual speakers, play rock music to share excellent sound quality and amazing bass effects with others!
Colorful LED Lights effects, Not only can you feel it with your ears, but you can also feel the crazy rhythm you hit visually! Truly feel the joy of rock and roll! So you don’t get bored during practice!

Super convenient handle design

If you want to rock in deep bass outside but it is not convenient to take a speaker or other device along with you, just take this electronic drum set out.
After played the electronic drum set that with built-in dual speakers, you will get astonishing bass effect, our engineers took on the challenge of making a drum set with speaker this small but delivers clean clear highs and mids, it can be used at home, outdoor, party.

Convenient storage, save space!

No room for a full-size drum set or does your child want to have a portable way to practice the drums? Choose us!! You can roll it up and carried in a backpack, use it whenever you go anywhere, travel or stay at home / dormitory / school.
It doesn’t take up as much space as a traditional drum set. It’s perfect for kids and beginners!
Get ready to Rock and Roll on the go, with Rock and Roll It!


【Multi-colored LED lights】Create amazing visual effects by lighting up every beat! The electronic drum set standby for more than ten seconds, LED lights will auto turn on breathing mode-3 colors of light alternate. The shining light makes your percussion time colorful.
【Upgraded Version & More Features】 Bluetooth provides wider compatibility with most devices, including cell phones, tablets, and laptops. Standard record/play features allow you to record music inspiration at any time. USB MIDI connection enables you to connect to the computer to edit music and play all the DTX games.
【Unique LCD Screen Visual Display】 Volume level, speed level, and status can be known from the LCD Screen, better to adjust the electric drum set. 9 levels of volume control and 15 levels of demo songs/ accompaniment playing speed adjusting for flexible use.
【Multiple Power Supplies】 Wireless Bluetooth version of the electronic drum power supply mode is diverse and convenient, supports USB charging, power bank charging and lithium battery powered which charging for 2 hours, supplies up to 12 hours playing time, allowing you practice drum anytime and anywhere like travel, outdoor, at home, at school, etc.
【Great Gift Idea】 Whether you need a gift to give your child for the holidays, a birthday, or as a reward, this light-up electronic drum pad is an ideal choice. It’s also a guaranteed hit when gifted as a carnival or contest prize and can be easily operated by kids as young as 3.


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